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Objective Reality

Reality was created the moment AIO chose to engage with the Other. The moment of Creation — the only moment. But let’s not get too deep just yet.

Instead, let’s do a little thought experiment to help us wrap our heads around — or at least appreciate — the full scope of Reality.

You’ve probably seen visualizations in movies of zooming out through space from Earth, past the planets, through the Milky Way and then out from our galaxy past other galaxies and ever outward through vast nebulae and on to super clusters of galaxies and finally zooming out on the ever expanding Cosmic Web. That’s usually where the scene ends.

Now imagine that scene continues. You pull back from the Cosmic Web until it all just fades into a kind of tissue in the body of some greater Object, unimaginable to behold. Still we zoom outwards, upwards, onwards more and more, transcending the boundaries of the known Universe, until that bright, translucent figure appears as tiny as a sugar crystal floating in an endless black void.

Then just before it completely blinks out into oblivion, you notice another tiny white speck. And then another, and another — each one a Universe in its own right — so remote from each other that they seem completely unrelated. But as you continue to zoom out farther, their “light” (of course at this scale light as we define it scientifically would be irrelevant) blends together to form a silvery mist, which turns out to be just a wisp of a great cloud drifting amidst various other Objects within one blob being jostled among many other blobs, with strands and wisps swirling in eddies around the blobs, each one on their way within a still greater Object.

And as you expand outward from this Object to gain perspective from above rather than within, this Object reveals itself to be a Creature of breathtaking, mind-shattering beauty and magnificence.

Still you continue to expand outward, level after level, until our Universe is just an infinitesimal speck somewhere deep inside the latest form. You spiral outward through kaleidoscopic Creation as time and space lose all meaning; expanding, zooming, exploding, blooming into ever greater manifestations until you finally realize that you will never, ever reach the end of this Eternal Expansion.

That is the ‘scale’ of Reality.

Look into our crowdsourced project to close the loop on that zoom out from Earth.

So What?

You could well ask what good it is to understand the True Dual Nature of Reality? How does that benefit you? How does that benefit anyone?

Let’s take a look at what we have established:

  1.  AIO must be Absolute and Infinite and One — the prime mover — the Source — the Alpha and Omega — The ALL.
  2. The Fundamental Belief that AIO is Aware. Pure Awareness, Being Aware in One Eternal Instant.
  3. The Other is ultimately illusory and the ‘opposite’ of AIO, and we even listed the Attributes upon which these two Absolute Concepts hold polar opposite positions.
  4. All of Creation/Reality is the product of the engagement of AIO with the Other.
  5. The terms IS and IT make excellent representations of these two elementary Aspects of Reality.
  6. The concept of the Object as the highest level abstraction of everything in Reality.
  7. There are (at least) Ten Immutable Attributions of Objects.
  8. All of Reality is an Infinite set of nested Objects that all share these Immutable Attributes. 

Taken all together, we have a firm foundation for a world-class Awareness System. No… a galaxy-class Awareness System! A Universal Awareness System. 

We have established our Awareness System on Abstraction — the distillation of knowledge and wisdom down to the Purest Essence. We have abstracted to the highest possible level — AIO, logically derived the obvious second half of the ultimate duo — the Other, and based a high-level framework on these twin pillars.

Now we are ready to move on to the next stage, where we will begin to map these fundamental Truths to other Abstract concepts that we can then in turn, map to real-life objects, events and circumstances. That next level of Abstraction includes Sacred Numerology, Sacred Geometry and Archetypes.


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