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The Absolute Infinite One is Aware. Absolutely Aware. This is the foundation of the ISIT Awareness System.

This Belief cannot be proven with physics, math or logic. If asked by a doubter on what evidence we base this belief, we simply smile, shrug and say that we don’t have proof, and we don’t need it. It seems self-evident to us based on our experience of Reality, and that’s good enough for us.

But it isn’t as if we are alone.

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When the Buddha was asked, “What are you?” he replied “I am Awake”. In other words, he was conscious. He was Aware.

Jesus, too. It seems that what made him different from the rest of us was that he was fully Aware that he was God incarnate, while the rest of us all have some sense that God is a separate entity that exists outside of ourselves.

Speaking of the Bible, in the Old Testament, when Moses asked God who he was, what was the answer? “I AM”. That is the most simple statement of shear self-awareness there is. All great spiritual teachers ultimately focus in on ‘Awareness’ as the ultimate state of being.

Awareness was the origin — the event that started it all. And Awareness is the ultimate outcome. Awareness is the Alpha and Omega.

Now, if you’re thinking “That all sounds very profound, but how does that help me in my day-to-day life”, well, just think about it this way: It was Awareness that triggered the creation of the entire Universe. If Awareness can do that, just imagine what it can do in your life!

The core tenet of ISITism is that the ultimate Purpose for all of Creation is Awareness. The ultimate purpose of the ISIT Awareness System is to help raise the overall Awareness of Humanity.

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