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The Absolute Infinite One. Absolutely Aware. But Aware of what? There is only one thing to be Aware of… I AM. I AM All that is, was and ever will be. I AM ALL ONE. I AM Alone.

In the Beginning was AIO. Absolute. Infinite. One. Absolutely Aware of the One Truth:


And I AM imagines that there is an Other.

And in that Instant — that One Eternal Instant — Other is conjured into Existence.

Of course, AIO is All there is, so there can be no Other. This is why we say that Other was ‘conjured’ into existence. Other doesn’t really exist. It is merely a figment of the Imagination in the mind of AIO. And because AIO is All, Other can only be a Reflection of AIO — AIO’s mirror image.

There is only one way this reflected image could appear to AIO: as its Opposite. It could in no way share any characteristic or trait with AIO. This is so because AIO is beyond characteristics or attributes. In fact, if we were to try to assign a characteristic to AIO, the one and only characteristic it could have is that it is AIO. If anything shared that characteristic, it too would be AIO and then, of course, neither could be AIO because there can only be One AIO. Since Other could have nothing in common with AIO, it could only be the Absolute Opposite.

So what is the Opposite of AIO? Of course, having just emphasized the point that AIO transcends any form of attribution, it could well be considered foolish to proceed to list a set of attributes that describe AIO along with their opposite values. Nevertheless, by taking this one logical leap to align these two primordial aspects of Reality — AIO and the Other — with an abstract architecture, we are building a platform upon which we can collectively develop a complete Awareness System.

Fundamental Attributes of AIO and Other

  • AIO is Absolute. So Other must be Relative.
  • AIO is Infinite. So Other must be Finite.
  • AIO is One. So Other must be Zero/Multiplicity
  • AIO is Eternal. So Other must be Temporal.
  • AIO is Active.So Other must be Passive.
  • AIO is Unified. So Other must be Divided.
  • AIO is Perfect. So Other must be Flawed.
  • AIO is Aware. So Other must be Oblivious.
As we indicated above, we are aware of the apparent contradiction of listing attributes for something we have adamantly insisted is beyond attribution. But it makes sense when we consider that all those attributes of AIO are really just different facets of the one attribute that simply describes, however inadequately, AIO.

It’s like a football player trying to describe the feeling of winning the Super Bowl saying, “It’s Awesome! Incredible! Just Fantastic!” He’s describing the way he feels right now, and just one of those words doesn’t quite capture it. Likewise, all these abstract attributes describing the Other are just aspects or facets of a single concept. It’s the closest we can come — from our perspective grounded in Relative Reality — to express these Absolute concepts in the most Abstract way possible.

So back to our Story…

In this One Eternal Instant, AIO conjures Other into existence and is Aware of its mirror image.

Then AIO makes a Choice — the original, eternal Choice — the Choice to Engage. We Believe it was a Choice made by Absolute Infinite One. Given that AIO is, was, and always will be The Source and sum total of everything, it could only have been AIO that triggered the event. There was nothing else to trigger it.

Why did AIO choose to imagine there was an Other and then Choose to Engage with it? Attempts to assign motivations that we can relate to — like loneliness, boredom, curiosity or love — are as futile as any other attempt to comprehend the Infinite. While it makes for a great focal point for meditation, like a Zen Buddhist koan, it is a riddle with no answer we can comprehend. But we do accept as self-evident that AIO, being essentially mind, has the ability to imagine, and chose to do so with a conscious Intent, thus creating the Reality that we now experience.

This is the second fundamental Belief of the ISIT Awareness System:

The Creation of Reality was the Intentional Choice of Absolute Infinite One.

And the corollary of this conclusion is that AIO Chose to continue this Engagement, as our current existence attests. After all, AIO blinked Reality into existence in an instant, and could certainly blink it out just as instantly. We Choose to Believe that AIO didn’t just Create Reality and then let it go, but that AIO Loves Reality — its one and only Creation.

For validation of this Belief we need look no further than Genesis 1:31:

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”

And virtually every other holy book from every religion expresses a similar sentiment.

Having now learned about the two ultimate aspects of Reality — AIO and the Other — and the three fundamental Beliefs:

1) Absolute Infinite One is infinitely Aware
2) AIO Chooses to imagine and to Engage with Other
3) AIO Loves the product of this Engagement — Creation

…you are now ready to understand the meaning behind the “ISIT Awareness System“.

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