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Object Types

In the preceding sections, we have developed a foundation for the ISIT Construct based on Essential Truth Abstracted to the highest possible level — Absolute Infinite One Being AIO for One Eternal Instant.

From that point, we have established the Prime Duality — IS and IT — the manifestation of AIO and the Other in Reality.

The next concept to derive from the prime duality is that of the Object — an identifiable entity that incorporates both ITistic characteristics and ISish tendencies and conforms to the other Ten Immutable Laws of Objects.

There are specific characteristics to which all Objects conform. Ten of them, to be exact. The first among these is that every Object is the result of a merging of IS and IT, that is, every Object has both ITistic characteristics and ISish tendencies.

The primary attribute of Objects is that they are a combination of IT and IS, with IT providing the structure or definition of the Object and IS providing the purpose or reason for the Objects existence. But as we mentioned previously, there are Ten Immutable Attributes of All Objects, and each one of them provides us with a device to identify, quantify, and evaluate Objects on an abstract level. With a model set of fundamental object types available, we can begin associating concrete, real-life objects with these abstract object types in order to gain insights about our lives and circumstances.

The Creator object type manifests the essence of the Absolute Infinite One by constantly producing and engaging life-promoting objects within their sphere of influence.

The Nova object type manifests the essence of the Absolute Infinite One by introducing fresh, new perspectives on Reality.

The Catalyst object is a constant source of change. Whether it is a chemical reaction, a political power play or social butterfly, the catalyst is the Object that triggers all the others to start moving and changing.

The Accumulator is a highly ITistic object type, which is focused on aggregating material objects. It can take any form, like a greedy hoarder person, a bank, or a black hole. 

The Project Continues…

The foregoing Object types are only suggestions by Mentor to prompt the collaborative development of a wide array of Object Types. This development will be done through the ISITometer Project. If you are interested in participating in this project, please complete the form to the right.

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