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AIO and Other are Absolutes. We can never begin to comprehend their Infinite mystery. But though they exist beyond any Reality we can ever comprehend, all of Creation is imbued with their essential nature.

The ISIT Awareness System uses the labels “IS” and “IT” to represent the essential, primordial manifestations of Absolute Infinite One and The Other in our finite, temporal, fractal Reality. We don’t talk about AIO and the Other in the same context as anything relating to day-to-day life, because there is no connection between them. The Absolute and the Relative simply do not mix.

Yet we see the fingerprints of AIO and the Other on everything we know or can even imagine. The essential natures of these two original Aspects of Reality echo through every vibration of the Universe — from the moment of Creation and for all Eternity.

IS and IT are the Prime Duality, and we refer to the inseparable combination of these primordial aspects— the foundation of Reality/Creation/Multiverse — as “ISIT”. Another common word for this is Being. The totality of All That IS.


Duality is a common theme throughout philosophies, religions and cultures. God/Devil, Good/Evil, Yin/Yang, Mind/Body, Masculine/Feminine, Light/Dark, Gandalf/Sauron. It’s natural for us to feel that Duality is the basis of our Reality because, well, it is.

It isn’t just about philosophy and religion. Duality is baked into the physics of our Universe from the the first microseconds after the Big Bang when matter and anti-matter began annihilating each other, to the formation of neutrons and protons at the center of atoms, to our bilateral physiology, to the binary code at the base of our digital technology, the list of dualities woven into the very fabric of our Reality is too long and familiar to bother listing here.

What About Non-Duality?

Believers in Non-Duality may find themselves experiencing resistance to this dualistic basis. However, when you understand the concepts of AIO and Other — IS and IT — you realize it is perfectly consistent with non-dualism. ISITism holds that only AIO actually exists. The Other is merely a figment of AIO’s imagination. IT doesn’t really exist.

That doesn’t mean that in this Creation in which we are all embedded, that duality doesn’t seem very, very real. In fact, the illusory aspects of life tend to seem the most real to us.

No one puts it more clearly than, of all people, the fictional character Conan the Barbarian:

“Let teachers and priests and philosophers brood over questions of reality and illusion. I know this: if life is illusion, then I am no less an illusion, and being thus, the illusion is real to me.”

— Conan the Barbarian

But Einstein did put it more succinctly:

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

— Albert Einstein

There is only One. And we are all One Being One.

So non-dualists can relax and embrace the ISIT Awareness System, as we embrace you!

Duality is Elementary

The point is, Duality is an elementary Aspect of our 3-D Reality, and understanding that is the first step toward Mastery and Enlightenment. By labeling the two primordial aspects of Reality with those completely neutral words — “IS” and “IT” — we have established an unbiased construct, free from all religious or cultural distortions or preconceptions, upon which we can develop a clear and complete Awareness System from the ground up based on Fundamental Truths.

Does this mean that we could have assigned just any labels to this ultimate duo — like “Prickles” and “Goo”? Well, yes. But the words “IS” and “IT” do have some very obvious reasons to make them an excellent Choice.

The word ‘IS’ is the ultimate action word. It is simply another form of the word ‘Be’. It is synonymous with ‘Being’. What word could better represent the nature of the Absolute Infinite One?

And ‘IT’ is the obvious opposite of ‘IS’. IT is the outward manifestation — the shell. ‘IT’ is the perfect representation of the Other.

So the very meaning of the words express the essence of the Original Aspect they represent. But it’s also there in the structure of the words. Look at ‘IS’; the curvy S, flowing. Listen to the sound… isssssssssssssss… it could go on forever; infinitely. Now look at ‘IT’. Two opposing segments. Conflicting. Finite. And the sound.Hard Stop. The letter T has a very definite ending.

And together, these two words form an entirely new construct — a complete sentence, just as the two absolute aspects of reality merge together to become something altogether different — ISIT, aka Creation.

IS and IT. If ever two words were meant to represent the Two Elementary Aspects of Reality, these are them.

So what does this mean? What can we do with this assertion?

We can do anything!

Think about technology; we started out with just the concept of binary digits — 1s and 0s. Then bits led to bytes which led to hexadecimal numbers and to ASCII characters and to machine code and assembly language and to software of increasing levels of sophistication and so on up to the AI and IoT in the Cloud of today and beyond. There is incredible power in Duality!

Starting with the Fundamental Duality of IS and IT, we can develop a standard scale upon which we can Objectively  assess any Object within Reality.

And who decides where any given Object falls on this scale? We do. Together. Through consensus.

This is just the beginning. We are creating a new, Crowd Sourced Awareness System based on a few Fundamental Beliefs:

  • The Absolute Infinite One is infinitely Aware
  • AIO Chooses to imagine and to Engage with the Other
  • AIO Loves the product of this Engagement — Creation/Reality
  • Absolute and Relative do not mix
  • IS and IT represent the Essence of AIO and Nature of the Other in Reality

Upon this simple yet profoundly powerful foundation, together we will create an Awareness System that expands our Awareness, bringing us Peace and Joy and Love in Abundance!

But we’re not there yet. Our journey has just begun. And there are still many more mysteries to be revealed and problems to solve. So let’s take the next steps on this mission of collaboratively developing a complete Universal Awareness System. We’ll all need to be on the same page about what Objective Reality is. And to do that, we’ll need to be crystal clear about the meaning of a fundamental concept in the ISIT Awareness System: Objects.

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