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Absolute Infinite One

Before the beginning, there was One. Absolute Infinite One. No Space. No Time. No other Entities or Beings with which to Relate. Only Absolute Infinite One; Being Pure Awareness for One Eternal Instant.

Most people intuitively believe that Oneness and Unity are the ultimate state of Being and that God (or Allah or Tao or Yahweh or the Great Spirit or whatever you choose to call it) is that One.

Absolute Infinite One (AIO)

Certainly there are many who feel otherwise — that there is no Great Spirit at all. And of course people hold countless nuanced Beliefs in between. But it should be clear that the prevailing Belief is in this All Powerful Source — The One. We describe that One as Absolutely Infinite — omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. That is the very definition of the ultimate deity or Source according to every major religion.

And through the ages, humans have been seeking, striving, yearning to experience those fleeting moments when they feel that elusive sense of Oneness that helps them know that this Belief is based on Truth.

This core Belief forms the foundation of the ISIT Awareness System. We refer to this One Source as Absolute Infinite One, or AIO for short. Though we have agreed on this label, we accept that we can never hope to identify AIO with a name, let alone define it through words or any other form of expression. The Truth is that for all our contemplation, meditation and prayer over the millennia, as creatures existing in a relative Reality, we can never even begin to comprehend Absolute Infinite One.

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The ISIT Awareness System certainly isn’t alone in facing this paradox. The very first line of the Tao Te Ching is:

“The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name.”

The Hindu Vedas say of Brahman quite plainly:

“It is Brahman, Beginingless, supreme; Beyond what is and beyond what is not.“


“He is far beyond anything a human body can comprehend.”

For those who prefer Western religions, when Moses specifically asked the God of Abraham His name, the only response was:

“I Am that I Am”.

No name. No label. Just “I Am”. The God of Abraham went on to make it perfectly clear to the Hebrews that He was beyond their ability to comprehend, and couldn’t even be named. Why do you suppose the tetragrammaton “YHWH” is unpronounceable?

According to the Kybalion, Hermes Trismegustus — the ancient Egyption Master of Masters who was the progenitor of all other world religions — taught that …

“THE ALL is SPIRIT, which in itself is UNKNOWABLE and UNDEFINABLE, but which may be considered and thought of as AN UNIVERSAL, INFINITE, LIVING MIND”.

The whole notion of Absolute Infinite One existing in a state of complete isolation and unity for One Eternal Instant is absolutely incomprehensible to any mortal existing in our relative Universe. No matter how enlightened we may become, we will never, ever be able to comprehend Infinity, let alone define it. We can never quantify, qualify or otherwise identify AIO, nor can we prove AIO exists.

We simply Believe — AIO IS.

Belief in AIO will always be a matter of pure Faith. This Faith is the bedrock of the ISIT Awareness System.

Most importantly, we Believe that this Source of all Creation is Aware. Awareness — Pure, Complete, Absolute Awareness — is the one and only characteristic of AIO.


In the immortal words of Thomas Jefferson, we hold these Truths to be self-evident, and they form the foundation of the ISIT Awareness System, and all our other Beliefs rest upon it.

If you share this basic Belief, then you are sure to be amazed and delighted as you discover how the ISIT Awareness System builds on this one fundamental Truth.

The ISIT Awareness System is not intended to replace or disparage any other belief system. On the contrary, our mission is to reinforce everyone’s faith in the their true, core beliefs, whatever they may be, by reconciling them with other belief systems along with the ISIT Awareness System.

We support our believers by helping them learn and understand what their true, core beliefs really are, and by reconciling them with the core beliefs of their family, friends, community and society.

The ISIT Awareness System is like a Universal Translator for philosophy and religion. In fact, as you will see, ISITAS is like a template that applies not only to spiritual matters, but to literally every facet of human experience and indeed, everything else in all of Reality.

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While our conception of AIO seems more aligned with the abstract Tao than the anthropomorphised God of Western religions, ISITism doesn’t disregard the concept of a personal God at all. Indeed, you will see as the wonders of ISITism are revealed that we provide the strongest argument for the existence of this personal God worshipped by billions of people around the world. (Though many will find this revelation shocking!)

Indeed, ISITism reconciles the Belief in a personal God perfectly with the notion of the purely Abstract Absolute Infinite One, just as it reconciles all fields of thought.

What is the one common theme that unifies all these belief systems?


The fundamental Belief of the ISIT Awareness System is that the essential nature of the Absolute Infinite One is Awareness. From this Awareness, all else is formed. And it is Awareness that will reconcile all things.

But we are just beginning our journey to Awareness. Before we can hope to gain Awareness we must grasp its opposite: Oblivion. And that brings us to the opposite of the Absolute Infinite One: The Other.

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