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The ISIT Awareness System
Raising Awareness Worldwide…
The Key to Peace, Joy, Love and Abundance
The Core Belief of ISITism is that the Source and Purpose of all Creation is pure Awareness. The ultimate purpose of the ISIT Awareness System is to help raise the overall Awareness of Humanity.
The ISIT Awareness System:
The World’s First Crowd-Sourced Awareness System

Our collective beliefs are established by our membership community, informed by ancient wisdom, modern science and pure logic.

How do we do it? That’s the best part. We collaboratively establish our core beliefs through an engaging online game — The Amazing ISITometer!

Be among the first seekers to discover the ISIT Awareness System.
Join ISITism: The crowd-sourced Belief System
Behold, The Amazing ISITometer!
The ISITometer is a highly engaging and rewarding online game designed to inexorably reveal the ultimate nature of Reality, starting with the most abstract concepts and extending through concrete objects and events that we all encounter in every day life.
The game is incredibly rewarding — not just in terms of the invaluable wisdom it imparts, but also in terms of the many valuable prizes, including cryptocurrency.
Security and Privacy:

The ISIT Awareness System platform allows you to maintain complete control over the privacy and security of your personal information.

The default privacy setting for new members is completely anonymous. Then you decide what personal information to share with any individual, group or the entire community. Your default setting is completely private, and you open up to the community as you feel comfortable.

Connect and Engage with Kindred Spirits who are on the path to Awareness!

Join Us
on the Adventure!

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