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and Limitless Abundance

The ISIT Belief System shows the way…

The Secrets of Reality

Hiding in
plain sight

The Truth you have always sought...
and always known.

The ISIT Belief System

Grounded in logic, knowledge
and common sense

Inspired by the Absolute Infinite One

Reconciling philosophy and religion
with science and math

The ISIT Belief System

The Open Source Belief System

Bringing clarity and consciousness to Humanity, together

Clearing Away Confusion

Raising Awareness Worldwide

The ISIT Belief System

Are you ready
to discover
the Truth?

Join Us on the Adventure!

Welcome to the ISIT Belief System!

If you are a seeker of Truth, you have arrived at the site you have been searching for. The ISIT Belief System is a Universal Theory of Everything that not only reconciles the fundamental tenets of all major religions with each other, but also reconciles all philosophies and religions with science and math. Indeed as a True Universal Theory of Everything, The ISIT Belief System reconciles all disciplines with each other — economics, biology, psychology, politics, relationships, ecology, music, art, engineering, entertainment — literally every aspect of the human experience, and everything else in Reality for that matter. Everything… is explained, at the most fundamental and elementary levels, by the ISIT Belief System.

The System begins at the Source — the Absolute Infinite One (AIO) — the Creator of all Reality and the Essence of Unity. It then examines the concept of the Other — the opposite of the Absolute Infinite One — which introduces the concept of Duality. We then explore the notion of what happens when these two absolute aspects engage with each other — The creation of a third and new entity: Reality.

We represent this amalgam of AIO and the imaginary Other with the name ‘ISIT’, which depicts the essence of AIO and the nature of Other manifest throughout Creation. AIO and Other are Absolute concepts, and therefore beyond comprehension, let alone discussion. IS and IT are the labels we use to identify the imprint of those primordial states in our relative Reality.

We then build on these basic beliefs by mapping abstract concepts to IS and IT, and extend the model by creating a taxonomy starting with the abstract concepts and expanding out through ever more complex and concrete objects. Ultimately, everything — every object, every subject, every concept, every situation — everything will be mapped through this taxonomy and associated with the Ultimate Aspects of Reality: IS and IT.

And what benefit does the ISIT Belief System offer to those who seek to learn the ultimate Secret of the Universe? Instant riches? Vibrant health? Fulfilling relationships? Possibly! But surely those who acquire the knowledge that ISITism offers will gain Awareness and clarity that dispels the Conflict and Confusion at the root of so many of our problems in life. That is the first step toward achieving the Peace, Joy, Love and Abundance you desire.

So, are you ready to begin?

We begin, as do the major religions of Earth, at the Source — that which we refer to as the Absolute Infinite One.

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