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Identity is the unique collection of characteristics that distinguish an individual Object from among all other Objects in Reality. Looked at it from this Abstract perspective, as we are within these Core Concept pages, the concept of Identity is integrally related to Objects — all Objects. We Humans tend to think about Identity from our own perspective, considering Identity to represent our egos or personas. That is definitely a part of it. But it is Derivative of the more fundamental, Abstract concept we are describing here.

Any Object can have an Identity, as long as some form of Awareness Chooses to identify it. Perhaps the most basic form of identification is a name. But a name is just a label that represents a collection of attributes. Like anything in this Fractal Reality we inhabit, the Identity of any given Object begin with a high-level Abstraction (a name) and are followed by Derivative Attributes of increasing complexity.

It should be fairly clear from the foregoing description that Identity is a fairly ITistic word. It’s function is defining, separating, encapsulating. This is the most fundamental form of ISIT embodiment. The ISish purpose, the meaning, the je ne sais qua of an Object is represented by the ITistic details of its Identity.

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