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Every religion needs a creation story. So here is the creation story for the Church of ITISm: In the beginning, there was the Absolute. Absolute unity. Absolute isolation. And the Absolute became Aware. Like a mind floating all alone in a void. We’ll call this I AM. And I AM thought, “there must be something other than me”. And in an inkling, there it was—The Other. And I AM said, “I gotta check this out”, and just dove in.

In an instant I AM exploded into The Other at infinite velocity. This was the beginning of the Big Bang. And The Other was just as fascinated by I AM as I AM was with The Other. As I AM expanded into and through The Other, the others first impulse was to capture and hold this incredible force. But I AM did not want to be held back or constrained in any way. There were infinite possibilities for discovery, and I AM was going for it.

So as The Other sought to contain I AM, I AM did something new—it swerved. It deviated from its course and thus introduced the state of an uneven universe. But The Other countered that move with structure. Things like the Law of Gravity. Though “I AM” could never be stopped, “The Other” would channel that energy in a circuit that ensured “I AM” would always return to “The Other”.

“I AM”, recognizing this control as simply another form of limitation added a new aspect to the evolving relationship: Complexity. Though “I AM” was bound to “The Other” in this primordial dance, by complicating the relationship it ensured the experience would last indefinitely.

In response to this Complexity “The Other” imposed Order, and divergent forces were organized into definite patterns. Universal Laws.

But “I AM” could not be stopped. Complexity evaded and overpowered Order in any way it could, resulting in utter Chaos.

“The Other”, realizing that the effort to contain “I AM” was futile, settled for Relativity. “The Other” would travel with “I AM” to Infinity in a perpetual relationship, adding structure and order when it could, but knowing that all forms of control would eventually collapse and disintegrate as “I AM” moved inexorably onward and outward.
“I AM” decided this Reality it had co-created with “The Other” was Good, and consented to continue the dance forever, Spiraling through an endlessly expanding kaleidoscope into Infinity.

All this occurred within the first nanosecond of the Big Bang. In that instant, “I AM” manifested the characteristics ascribed to the aspect of Reality we call “IS” and “The Other” manifested the characteristics we now ascribe to “IT”.
Everything that has followed since then—all of Creation including the formation of the galaxies, the stars, the planets, life on Earth, humanity, and all the comings and goings of our modern civilization, reflect these fundamental dynamics—and always will.

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