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The Game

The main website, which runs on the WordPress CRM, currently includes a game layer that allows members to score credits toward recognition and rewards by contributing to the site content. Following are the various way people can currently contribute and earn credits:

  • Taking polls
    • Mapping IS and IT to abstract concepts
    • Mapping more abstract concepts to less abstract concepts
    • Assigning attributes to concrete objects
  • Contributing content
    • Commenting in forums
    • Commenting on articles
    • Writing articles
    • Video – YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
    • Video – Original
    • Images – Public
    • Images – Original
  • Providing feedback
    • Liking content
  • Content Management
    • Tagging content
    • Linking content
    • Updating profile
  • Evangelizing
    • Sharing on social media
    • Referring new members

Actually, there are many more ways to earn points in The ISIT Game. Virtually every action you take on the website earns points. And the number of ways is growing as we continue to expand the capabilities of our platform.


The game layer has an extensive tiered level system, so members are progressively advancing in status as they engage with the site and the community. It starts with a series of Ranks, including:

  • Novice
  • Initiate
  • Pilgrim
  • Master
  • Mentor
  • Guru

Within these ranks are a finer set of grades, including:

  • Level
  • Stage
  • Dimension
  • Plane
  • Phase

Within each of these grades there would be 10 steps.

So pulling it together, your status could be a Stage 4 Pilgrim or a Level 2 Mentor or 7th Dimension Guru.


So what about those rewards? Well, the truth is there isn’t much in the way of rewards at this point, (unless you consider gaining Awareness of yourself and the world around you to be a reward in itself). ISITism is in it’s infancy. We really haven’t got it together to get the rewards program together. For now, we’re just considering this to be for fun (and the aforementioned Awareness) and friendly competition.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t imagine an awesome rewards program! There will be many, many ways in which players can redeem the rewards they earn, including digital products, premium content, mobile apps, web services, professional services, merchandise, gift cards and even bitcoin and cash. These rewards will be sourced through a wide range of suppliers including:

  • Digital Products (especially personal development, spiritual, marketing)
    • Memberships
    • eBooks
    • Programs/Courses
  • In-kinds services (coaching, etc.)
    • Videos
    • Photos/Illustrations
    • Backgrounds
    • Games
    • Music
    • Web elements (themes, plugins, etc).
  • Mobile Apps
    • ISITometer
    • ISIT Engage
    • Web Services
  • Marketing
    • Web hosting
    • Web builder tools
  • Financial services
    • Credit protection/repair
    • Accounting/Bookkeeping
    • Investment
  • Media/Entertainment
  • Personal Services
    • Web Development
    • Graphic Design
    • Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Every type of freelancing
  • Merchandise
    • Clothes (ISIT branded)
    • Hoodies
    • Hats
    • Jackets
    • T-Shirts
    • Restaurants
    • Art
    • Books
    • Electronics
    • Home and kitchen
    • Basically everything on Amazon
  • Events
    • Tickets to attend
    • Travel packages
    • Lodging
    • Meals
  • Gift Cards
  • Bitcoin
  • Cash

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