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I think the last few pieces of the puzzle are falling into place to trigger the launch of the ISIT Belief System. Two new developments have occurred in just the last couple weeks.

One change is that I received a message from a guy named Mark Ludbrook, who had discovered my ITIS site years ago, and who really gets ISITism. He does crowd management at huge events for a living, is into cryptocurrency, and has already started his own religion (Doofism). We’ve been discussing the ISIT Belief System project via LinkedIn and he is pretty keen to get involved.

Meanwhile, I was recently also contacted on LinkedIn by a guy named Narcis Pap, who was helped out when I did my first ISITism launch back in 2014 and who also did some work on the JumpJet project. He was a pretty green developer back then, but he has been developing ever since and he now works for a web development company called We are going to talk on Tuesday. If Narcis is interested in joining the project, he would be in a position to help us do all the web and mobile development we need for the ISITometer.

And with these two new people in the mix, we’re that much closer to having the first committed 10 team members to launch this project.

I have been developing a series of launches that I call Project: Ascension. This is like something I was thinking about for WaveCenter back when we did that in 2010. The idea is to do a series of launches designed to increase membership by an order of magnitude once each quarter. I describe the plan here.

I can totally see this thing happening. If we can get the first ten people to come in and invest $200/month for three months, I know we can deliver the first generation of the ISITometer and flesh out the content enough to attract in the next round of 100 people, who will pay $100/month (again, for just three months).

The idea is that a position in A1 (first 10 members), A2 (first 100 members) or A3 (first 1,000) members will ultimately end up being very lucrative and prestigious once the total membership gets to a million or more.

So at this point I am targeting October 1, 2019 as the date for the First Ascension: Q419. That will give this team of 10 people three months (until 12/31/19) to get the ISITometer online and set up to bring on board the next group of 100 Members. If we pull off Project: Ascension as planned, ISITism will have a million members paying $10 each by January 2021. And all us A1s will be rich!

I know it sounds outrageous, but I’ve been visualizing this for a long time, and I really believe it can work. That’s because it isn’t just this Ascension gimmick. It’s because the ISITism philosophy and the ISITometer are so fundamentally cool. The Ascension plan is just the kind of vehicle that can promote it rapidly. In this age of the Internet, there’s nothing stopping from the word of ISITism from spreading over night. This kind of exponential growth is totally possible, if ISITism is as compelling as I think it will be.

So anyway, I’m in the process of marshalling together that first Team of 10 founders to launch this project with, and of course, you are always on that list. So stand by for weekly meetings to start happening more regularly and for more frequently communication from me on this.

Check out the plan in it’s current form at:

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