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ISITism is a fully Open Source Belief System. This means first and foremost that the collected knowledge and wisdom of the community is developed by the members and followers themselves and completely visible and transparent to all members. But it means more than that.

The IS IT Belief System platform is being built on open source software, starting with WordPress CMS and various plugins. In order to provide a robust yet user-friendly collaboration environment, our community will develop new custom applications, WordPress plugins, and enhancements and integrations with various 3rd-party plugins. All code written for the IS IT Belief System platform will be made available through the appropriate open source channels.

Following is a list of the planned collaboration platform projects currently planned:

  • Integrate Democracy Polling plugin with myCRED game layer
  • Enhance Democracy Polling with ability to redirect based on answer
  • Enhance myCred game layer with ability to score wider range of activities
  • Integrate myCred game layer plugin with WP Project plugin
  • Set up ability to earn points by working on projects
  • Set up collaboration plugin
  • Plugin: Click to Score
  • The ISITometer
  • The ISITometer Development Platform
  • The ISITometer Game Layer

ISITism has been designed from the beginning to be driven by contributions from members of the community, based on the basic framework of the IS IT Duality and a few Fundamental Beliefs.

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