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Dane Christensen

Dane developed the ISIT Belief System and the ISITometer and is currently driving the creation of the original team.


Duane Christensen

Duane is Dane’s brother. He has known about ISITism pretty much from the time Dane conceived of it, and immediately grasped the concept. Duane is a long-time Christian, and sees how ISITism is perfectly consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Sandy Murphey

Sandy has been a friend and business partner with Dane for almost 25 years. She is retired now, but has run her own marketing business in the past, and is active posting on various websites such as Quora.



Rich Benvin
“Mass Density”

Rich has been a friend and business partner with Dane for almost 25 years. He is a tennis pro and digital marketing expert.



Sofia Christensen

Sofia is Dane’s daughter and was raised on the ISIT Belief System. She is 17 years old and a senior in high school. She is a very talented musician, is into Yoga and spirituality.



Sasha Christensen

Sasha is Dane’s daughter. She is 10 years old and is in the fifth grader. She was also raise on ISITism, and when the ISITometer was functioning, she was the primary beta tester. She loves unicorns and Roblox.



Mark Ludbrook

Mark first became aware of IT IS 15 years ago completely separate from Dane, on the other side of the globe. A search for IT IS lead him to Dane’s original YouTube videos in 2014 during Dane’s original launch! He reached out to Dane via LinkedIn, and finally connected directly with Dane. He is a plumber by trade and also manages crowds at major events like concerts.

Project: Ascension

Check out the details of Project Ascension in three different formats:

Google Slides
Google Doc
Google Sheet

Team Meeting Recordings

Catch up on any meetings that you missed or refresh your memory:

2019-09-15 – Dane, Sandy and Sofia discuss Project: Ascension

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