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ISITism is the world’s first and only crowd-sourced belief system. That means that the collected wisdom of this belief system is produced by all of its followers, not just a few individuals who claim to have special insights or knowledge. The IS IT Belief System provides a platform where any member of the ISITism Community can contribute their understandings to the overall canon.

Not only are contributions from members encouraged, they are facilitated through an engaging game layer. Our plan is to expand on the ways that members will be able to engage and earn credits by modifying the game layer plugin.

And here, too, the crowd sourcing continues. Developing this collaboration platform will require the contribution of web developers/programmers, in particular WordPress, LAMP stack, JQuery/JS/CSS. People with these skills will build the first generation platform by integrating various WordPress plugins into a complete system. Among the plugins that will be integrated:

  • Game Layer/Rewards Program
  • Membership Management
  • Project Management
  • Content Access Control
  • Profile Security Controls
  • Messaging
  • Polling
  • Content Management
  • Content Curation
  • Media Management

Virtually every plugin or other way users can interact with the WordPress platform, will be integrated into the Game Layer, so that all activity that occurs within WordPress is trackable on the game layer.

Members of the community will participate in developing the platform and content, either on a volunteer basis (for which they will receive credits in the game layer) or by being paid for from cash donations. In the early days, we will probably need to pay cash for development work, such as WordPress plugin modifications and other programming or design services, out of donated funds. Over time, the goal is to have the content that makes up the sacred canon of the ISIT Belief System as well as the content management system and other components of the platform developed by crowdsourced efforts that are rewarded through the ISIT Belief System Game Layer.

This engaging game layer will be taken to the next level with the ISITometer, a system that allows players to rate Objects on the ISIT Scale, assign attributes to Objects, relate Objects to each other, and various other activities that help clarify and anchor the fundamental concepts of ISITism for the individual players and for each other.

All of the content within the system is contributed, curated and assessed by members. We actively recruit members with valuable skills who can make positive contributions to the system, including:

  • Web Developers/Programmers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Videographers/Filmmakers
  • Writers
  • Musicians
  • Actors/Voiceover Artists
  • Animators
  • Marketers
  • And others

Current Projects

  • Mods to WordPress: Project Manager plugin
  • WordPress: Integrate Project Manager plugin with myCred plugin
  • Earn Rewards for viewing, adding, editing projects, tasks and comments
  • Democracy Poll plugin modifications
  • Integration Democracy Poll plugin with MyCred plugin
  • Click to Score Plugin

Completed Projects

We’re just getting started!


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